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4 Way Flap Door For Pet

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Let your pet enjoys nature and does some outdoor activities. Having this flap door will help your pet to go outside and come back home easily. It secures your pet to have no contact with other pets. You can easily control the flap door with its locking system. 


✔ 4 ways to go in and out control
✔ The door is locked from both sides.
✔ The flap is completely open and cat can come and go easily. 
✔ Your cat can only penetrate from the outside, but do not go back.
✔ Your cat can go out but not go back (to other cats also prevents entry).
✔ Good for small pets. 

Product Details and Package Inclusions:

  • Material: Environmental Protection Fiber
  • Color: Green and Khaki
  •  Size: One Size -68cmX28cm Highest Hold
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Installation Location: Door back / House Window / Car Window
  • 1 x 4 Wage cat flap

◾ Remove red button to the right and blue button to the left door will unlock. The cat can go out and get.
◾ Remove red button to the left and blue button to the left, Cat can only enter and not go out.
◾ Remove red buttons to the left and blue buttons to the right cat cannot enter and go out
◾ Remove red button to the right and blue button remove only to the right, remove the cat and cannot go back.

**Due to high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks delivery**