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Magnetic Window Brush Cleaning Tool

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100% brand new and high-quality innovative cleaning brush tool is up in the market. Keep yourself in safe when cleaning glass doors and windows, this tool provides easy assistance and grip for everyday use. Perfect for any type of glass window and door. 


✔ Sophisticated cleaning material, practical, solid, anti-drop and durable cleaning brush.
✔ Unique water storage sponge design to avoid adding water repeatedly.
✔ Triangle outer shape and clean more thorough without dead corners.
✔ The Oval handle which is easy to operate.
✔ Wiper strip, super clean power, soft and wear-resistant, anti-acid and alkali, long service life.
✔ Buckle button design, solid is not easy to swap.

Product Details and Package Inclusions: 

  • Material: plastic , rubber , magnet
  • Size: 12.5x13.5x16x6cm (oblique length - Height -Max Width- Max Thickness)
  • Type: 3-8mm / 5-12mm / 15~24mm

 **Due to high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks delivery**